Meta.Morf 2010 – New.Brave.World!

Meta.Morf 2010 – New.Brave.World!

Almost nothing on this planet has been left untouched by humankind and its actions. Sometimes as a side effect, but often as a conscious interference from trying to sculpt the world according to our dreams and fears. Mastering and designing all aspects of life is closely related to the development of science and technology. New technologies have become tools for trying to change nature from its unpredictable and uncontrollable state, into the opposite, a predictable and controllable planet of ‘perfection’. Ideas we can recognize amongst other from Modernistic thinking and practice.

The logic and politics of the pure as a basic principle for shaping our lives has for the last century been the leading mindset within our society, and it has had amazing, world changing consequences. New models for perceiving and understanding the world and ourselves has been introduced, giving possibilities for new specialized knowledge domains to emerge. However, today one are experiencing how limited some of these ideas and their according lifestyles can be. We just have to look at the many examples of mistakenly bio politics, and the devastating effects it has had on the environment, whether it applies to natural resources, urban planning, population control, agricultural and refined food production, or the issue of diversity in general.

The experiences we´ve made from these experiments has taught us that the processes that sustain and shape our lives cannot be controlled top down: they work bottom up, continuously becoming more complex. Even modest activities on a micro scale interacts and coalesce into the macro systems governing our tangible world.

We have during the last decade, within different creative practices, the sciences and the educational sector, seen several initiatives that foster trans- and interdisciplinary collaborations. New alliances and new ways of collaborations between the arts and the science field have created new areas of research and a new ‘practice’. This explorative playfulness is characterized by hybridity and cross-fertilization that as a result constitute qualitative factors for creating and understanding interactivity in its widest sense.

The need to understand how humans and objects interact with one another (and thus recreate each other) is critical with regards to the dire issues of our age, such as the questions of sustainability, the environment, material resources, food production, energy resources, migration problematics and so forth. Contemporary artistic practice has seeped into all these aspects of our modern life, and this biennial seeks to further reflect and explore this practice.

Meta.Morf 2010 acknowledges the bankruptcy of our exploitive lifestyle. There is an urgent need to create new concepts and models that can cope with the contemporary state of the world, a world which in its ground is based on contradictions, instability and disorder. These factors has given us the impression of an uncontrollable, fuzzy and incomprehensible world because of the fact that we are not used to look for coherence in what as a first sight can be seen as chaotically behaving patterns.
Meta.Morf 2010 wishes to explore the contradictory and unstable features of Life and Art and make use of them as productive impulses and tools for artistic and scientific projects.

Meta.Morf 2010 positions itself as a trans-disciplinary platform for artistic practices that presents, debate and investigates new models and concepts for how sustainable structures can emerge from complex and ‘messy’ interactions.

New, brave and global perspectives.

Alex Adriaansens, Director, V2_, Rotterdam
Espen Gangvik, TEKS

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Participants 2010:
Andy Gracie, Annina Rüst, Chris Salter, Erik Olofsen, Henrik Menné, Herman Asselberghs, Herwig Weiser, Ionat Zurr, OronCatts, Jonathan Shipper, José Manuel Berenguer, Kristoffer Myskja, Michael Najjar, Michiko Nitta, Ralf Baecker, Studio Roosegaarde, Tuur Van Balen, Tomoko Sauvage, Antoine Scmitt, Ean Jaques Birgè, Staalplaat Soundsystem, Roberto Paci Dalò, Karl Bartos, Mathias Black, Pierre Bastien, Artificiel, Incite, Tore Bøe & Kai Kobi Mikalsen & Alexander Rishaug, Origami Boe, Greg Pope, Bruce Mclure, Cellulose, Sohnified, Kaos, Hands Up Silver Space Suit, Killing Fields, Flymodus, Lumisokea, Terry Smith, Anne Hilde Neset, Ina Blom, Brandon La Belle, Stanza, Vibeke Jensen, Jon Bewley, Stacey Spiegel, Rob Lafrenais, Jeremy Welsh, Julietta Aguilera, Inês Albuquerque, Rosa Oliveira, Hava Aldouby, Peter Anders, Kęstutis Andrašiunas, Kathrine Anker, Artifist, Elif Ayiter, Laura Beloff, Marco Bischof, Pier Luigi Capucci, Claudia Cardoso-Fleck, Aleksander Ćetković, Jacques Chueke, Geoff Cox, Blanka Earhart Maria Luiza Fragoso, Martha Gabriel, Luis Gustavo, Bueno Geraldo, James K. Gimzewski, Luis Girão, Jane Grant, Dew Harrison, Falk Heinrich, Jung A Huh, Salvatore Iaconesi, Luca Simeone, Eiko Ikegami, Edward Colin Ruggero, Margarete Jahrmann, Katerina Karoussos, Max Kazemzadeh, Rachel Kessler, Matthew Fielder, Linus Lancaster, Renata La Rocca, Živa Ljubec, Luis Eduardo Luna, Roger Malina, Nadia C. Meinhardt, Francesco Monico, Ryohei Nakatsu, Enrico Nardelli, Simeon Nelson, Jennifer Kanary, Nikolov(a) Glauce, Rocha de Oliveira, Mary Oliver, Luisa Paraguai, Pam Payne, Mike Phillips, Clemens M. Plank, Barbara Rauch, Michael Page, Julian Rennie, Clarissa Ribeiro, Paulo Rodrigues, Emily Schleiner, Ellen Sebring, Paul Sermon, Charlotte Gould, Diana Reed Slattery, Simona Sofronie, Marko Suvajdzic, Victoria Vesna, Siddharth Ramakrishnan, Claudia Westermann, Xiaoying Yuan, Nasim Zamanzadeh, Roy Ascott.