Meta.Morf 2014 – Lost in Transition

Meta.Morf 2014 – Lost in Transition

The perpetual processes of change that can be observed within all levels of the Universe, from micro to macro scale, from stardust to animate entities, are constantly generating new patterns, structures and forms, shaping all aspects of life.

Transformative processes carries aesthetic qualities not only of great intrinsic value, but qualities that as well can be suggested playing an essential part of the way all things develop.

Meta.Morf 2014 – Lost in Transition – aims to illuminate transformation and aesthetics and the often imperceptible transitions change is a result of, and the many exhibitions presents artists with projects that from different perspectives examines the aesthetic principles of change.

With the assumption that the only true constant in the universe is change, we may indeed envision ourselves entrancingly lost in transition.

Espen Gangvik, TEKS, 2014

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2014 participants:
Stanza, Pelle Cass, Michael Hansmeyer, Benjamin Dillenburger, Marnix De Nijs, Frederik De Wilde, Evelina Domnitch, Dmitry Gelfand, Driessens & Verstappen, Double Negatives Architecture, Daniel Palacios, Christian Blom, Christopher Baker, Michael Najjar, Anders Tveit, Eskil Muan Sæther, Audun Eriksen, Arnfinn Killingtveit, Pe Lang, Rachel Armstrong, Marnix De Nijs, Frederik De Wilde, Graham Harman, Jae Rhim Lee, Michael Najjar, Simon Park, Jørgen Skatland, Carl Abrahamsson, Vicki Bennett, Alkistis Dimech, Angela Edwards, Peter Grey, Martin Palmer, Jesper Aagaard Petersen, Z´EV, Audun Eriksen, Harald Fetveit, Eirik Havnes, Bernt Isak Wærstad, Martin Palmer, Arnfinn Killingtveit, Trondheim Voices, Anders Tveit, Eskil Muan Sæther, Tone Åse, Øyvind Brandtsegg, Heidi Skjerve, Ingrid Lode, Siri Gjære, Sissel Vera Pettersen, Live Maria Roggen, Anita Kaasbøll, Torunn Sævik, Mia Marlen Berg, Silje Karlsen, Alkistis Dimech, Angela Edwards, Cotton Ferox, People Like Us, Svarte Greiner, Alexander Rishaug, Ilan Katin, Joakim Blattmann, Ricardo Del Pozo, Yodok, Phantoms, Pierre Bastien, Eddie Ladoire, Coh + Frank, Sculpture